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DragCon 2018 Having FUN at Robin Slonina’s Booth

A glimpse at the scene at Robin Slonina‘s DragCon booth in Los Angeles, 2018! The space was shared with Skin Wars artists Kyle Vest and Lana Chromium, and lots of amazing Queens stopped by to say hi!

Robin used her booth to raise money for The LGBTQ Center in Las Vegas, selling t-shirts and body paint handprints on model/dancer Taylor. You can support this worthy cause & get your own T-shirt or other #LoveIsLoveArt products by clicking here. 🙂

Special thanks to Michael Mejia, The Center, World of Wonder, Elektra Cosmetics, MAC Cosmetics & Marek+Richard. Huge shout out to body paint models Taylor Bradley & Ben Bigley; to booth helpers Marlena, Jacob, Sara, Lydia, Liam & Clare; and to our LA hosts Jody & Craig.

Big LOVE to all the Queens, families & fans who stopped by and made this DragCon soooo special!!



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