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Signature Artist Robin Slonina at Weinmeister Berlin

Lucky Gallery & The Weinmeister hotel present artist Robin Slonina’s new Signature Room! Now anyone can sleep inside a room-sized work of art at this unique hotel in the center of Berlin. Watch Robin bring her “Busy Bee” concept to life, inspired by the German wasp boom and her own American pin-up & pop art aesthetic. Then celebrate with Robin at the opening party during Gallery Weekend in Berlin, where guests explored 6 floors of Signature Rooms by artists from all over the world.

Special thanks to Nathalie Crivelli and Dina Pekova of Lucky Gallery, and Tamara Formoso of The Weinmeister. Body paint model: Johnny Quest, DJ: Flavia Sabatino, Photographers: Henning Rakete & Michaela Masetto. Sponsors: Vodka 23, Vitamin Well, Lux11, Sherin L’Artiste & VR4-Content.



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