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Willow Creek Dress, the final swim

Just when I thought the project was over, Karina inspired me to throw the dress back in the creek upstream, and videotape it as it floated back downstream. We figured it weighed about 300 pounds or so, and it is a large and awkward structure to maneavuer, so it took the help of all these folks to get it out of the water, carried across the property and back into the creek. (From back left, clockwise: Lynn Reeves, Robyn Art, Karina Hean, Mary Jane Edwards, Michael Genung, Donna Edwards, Karin Schiff and Jade Fieldgrove). It floated for about 15 minutues until we pulled it out again. The biodegradable structure was then laid in the sun to dry, and it will be thrown into the “burn heap” on the property, where it will eventually be “cremated”.



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