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States of Dress – NEVADA

“Casino Chip Dress”

was photographed on the Eldorado dry lake bed in Boulder, NV. It is the Nevada dress for the ongoing “States of Dress” series

“Casino Chip Dress” is made of over 2000 casino chips, each with 6 drill holes joined by clear zip ties.

At the photo shoot on the Eldorado dry lake bed…

Special Thanks to Kent Thomson for providing studio space to create this dress, Todd VonBaastians of Atomic Todd Gallery for his generosity and support, The Gambler’s General Store for partial donation of materials, Benoit Beaufils for his tireless enthusiasm & assistance, Ross Gibson, Jim Slonina, Tarra Scarff, my Mom & all the other volunteers for their help & friendship.

This photo was taken by the great Dave Proctor ( with hair and makeup by Keely Zelanka.



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