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Finished Dollar Store Dresses!

Here are the finished dresses from the 99¢ Only Dress Shop Exhibit at Atomic Todd Gallery in Las Vegas:

Special Thanks to Todd VonBastiaans of Atomic Todd, to all my volunteers (see full list in post below), and thanks to 99¢ Only Stores for their support with this project.

Gallery Views:

“Feather Duster Dress” made of feather dusters, sponge scrubbies and shoelaces

“Sponge Dress” made of sponges, hot glue & velcro (front)


“Blue Sponge Dress” made of sponges, hot glue, shower curtain & shoelaces

“Silver Sponge Shorts & Vest” made of sponges, hot glue & shoelaces

“Sponge Bikini” made of sponges, hot glue & shoelaces

“Casino Chip Bikini” made of casino chips, zip ties & shoelaces

“Easter Egg Dress” made of plastic easter eggs connected with a price tagging gun

“Playing Card Dress” made of playing cards & packing tape

“Beach Ball Dress” made of beach balls & staples

“Whiffle Ball Wedding Gown” made of whiffle balls and shower scrubbies (whole & unraveled)

“Casino Chip Dress” made of casino chips & zip ties



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