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Casino Chip Dress, Las Vegas NV

I am back in Las Vegas and I am planning on making Nevada’s dress project out of casino chips, to honor this state’s unique gambling history. This will be a time consuming endeavor! Upon completion I plan to photograph it out in the desert to bring in the natural beauty and vast landscapes surrounding Nevada’s sprawling cities. I wish to thank Wendy and all the folks at the Gambler’s General Store in Las Vegas for their very generous donation of casino chips for the project!

Here I am at the Gambler’s General Store picking out my casino chips …like a kid in a candy shop!

Here I am drilling holes in over 1000 casino chips in preparation to link them together. I am working on the floor of a room in my friend Kent’s house, which he has generously donated to me to use as my studio. Thanks Kent!!

Here are the chips once they are linked. At this point I am using a garment tagging gun to hold them together, for it’s ease of execution and “invisible” linkage, but I will see if the results are strong enough once the dress starts to take shape…



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